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Competence in casting

vonRoll casting is one of the most modern and innovative foundry group in Europe providing custom-made castings for its clients.

The secret to our success is in our approach which combines both inter-disciplinary skills and a focus on the individual processes - so called “Simultaneous Engineering”. This is the result of our breadth of experience and our detailed technical competence in casting. The materials range from cast iron with nodular graphite and cast iron with lamellar graphite to special alloys such as SiMo, Ni-Resist and bainitic cast iron (Austempered Ductile Iron, ADI).

We excellence in the sector of complex, thin-walled castings with many cores. We are also noted for the superior quality of our castings and high precision in realising our customer’s demands. Our product range includes machined and pre-assembled components as well – all from one source.
Competence in casting