Within the scope of vonRoll ACADEMY, vonRoll casting holds seminars and workshops on casting and material technology.

They are aimed at professionals in the fields of design/development, quality and procurement. The main topics include:

  • Capabilities and application areas of cast-iron materials
  • Designing cast parts
  • Virtual casting using mould-filling and solidification simulation
  • Modern pattern manufacturing
  • The application of additive manufacturing in casting technology
  • Fit-for-purpose design of cast parts using the finite element method
  • Quality assurance: Use of modern test procedures and comparison with requirements (concerning cleanliness, among other things)

The next seminar & workshops are as follows:


Technical day (German): 12th and 13th June 2019

  • 1.5-day seminar, Wednesday start at 13:30 incl. evening event, Thursday whole day, topic "the foundry as a development partner".

Technical day (German): 28th November, 2019

  • 1-day seminar, topic "The foundry as a development partner".


Technical day (French): 26th and 27th September 2019

  • on the 27th full-day seminar, on the 28th morning practical workshop; registration is possible for both days together or separately for one or the other day.



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